SR9009 was created by the Scripps Research Institute. This drug is believed to offer the body the same types of benefits a person gains when they engage in exercise.


How does it Work?

It is believed to work by increasing the amount of metabolic activity in the skeletal muscles. The mice involved in such testing were able to reduce fat and have a leaner physique. They were also able to run for a longer period of time before getting tired as their stamina had improved. SR 9009 binds to the protein known as Rev Erb. When it is active, it will increase the burning of sugar and fat. It can also reduce the production of fat cells in the body.

So far, the drug has only been tested on mice in a lab setting. However, many involved in this study believe it may be able to offer the same benefits for humans. If that is true, obesity will be significantly reduced. Issues with metabolic syndrome can be improved. It is also believed Type II diabetes may be completely eliminated.


Studies and Movement

In the studies, the mice weren’t encouraged to exercise. Yet many of them did so as a form of activity voluntarily. They were able to run both faster and longer than they did before they were given SR9009. If such results could be equated for humans taking this product, it could mean more mobility and a chance to exercise without getting tired so quickly.

Additional studies indicate SR9009 may be able to help prevent the loss of muscle mass which is common in those with a sedentary lifestyle. This can also lead to a higher risk of serious heart related problems and breathing problems. Not everyone enjoys exercise and there are people with serious health problems or mobility limitations who can’t. The use of this pill though could reduce obesity regardless of exercise and diet.