One of the newest SARMs offered today is YK-11. The studies relating to it in Japan have been very promising. It is believed to be the strongest SARM yet it can be used without harsh side effects. It can be as powerful as the steroid DHT but that one does have many harsh side effects for users to contend with. Another benefit of YK-11 is it also produces the same effect a person gets from Myostatin as well.


Early Studies

Since 2011 the studies relating to YK-11 have been taking place in Japan at Toho University. They have proven it is able to attach to the androgen receptor (AR) but will only causes a mild problem in some people which is the growth of unwanted body hair. It doesn’t provide harsh side effects which is very encouraging.

As of 2013, it was confirmed YK-11 is also able to be used without causing a variety of anabolic effects such as those provided when someone uses testosterone. Usually, SARMs are limited in terms of androgenic side effects but this isn’t happening with this particular one. Such testing results were conducted on muscle cells in a lab setting. The result is higher anabolic results YK-11 than what you will get with the same dose of DHT.


How it Works

The muscle cells will produce more follistatin when a person uses YK-11. This is a very strong myostatin inhibitor. YK-11 is also classified as a very strong androgen receptor. The result is the ability to get similar results to testosterone but with far less side effects. The main result from it is stronger muscles.



YK-11 has proven to be very promising in the realm of SARMs for those looking for a quality anabolic to assist with muscle building. Yet it can offer better results than other steroids without the harsh side effects. It is a very powerful supplement to promote both muscle gains and lean muscle mass.